UTGBA. A collective of talent.

Une Très Grosse Boîte Américaine (UTGBA or AVLAC, A Very Large American Company) started with a meeting of like-minded people. Different but complementary, they knew immediately that were on the same wavelength. There was a meeting of desires. A need for reinvention. A new way to communicate. A time to see things differently. And be ultra-responsive. While ignoring the superfluous. Think and work outside the box. Upset the expected. Propose realistic and achievable ideas. Better meet the expectations of customers. Because a return on investment doesn’t really care where the idea comes from. As long as it comes from somewhere. UTGBA is all about working and mixing with other structures and other cultures and so be surrounded by the best. All in, it’s a collective of talent, but also a co-collective. Because talent, you can also find elsewhere. And we are open to all talents. If there is humility and humanity. An ensemble of talents that immerses itself in anything and everything, as long as there is passion. You know, the thing that makes the world go round. If you want to tell something, tell it to us first. UTGBA. Let’s meet.